The call for journal first papers for ESEC/FSE 2023 Journal First track is available here.

The ESEC/FSE 2023 Journal First track invites papers published recently in prestigious software engineering journals. The authors of a paper that meets the journal-first submissions criteria are invited to submit a (maximum) one-page presentation proposal consisting of the paper’s title, authors, an abstract, and a pointer to the original journal paper at the journal’s website. As the papers have already been reviewed and accepted by the journals, they will not be reviewed again for technical content.

The call for tutorials for ESEC/FSE 2023 Tutorials track is available here.

The ESEC/FSE 2023 Tutorials track aims to provide participants with the opportunity to gain new insights, knowledge, and technical skills in a broad range of areas of software engineering. We welcome proposals for tutorials on any topic related to software engineering. A tutorial may describe a software engineering activity (for example, the state-of-the-art in program analysis or automated test data generation), or it may describe a method or a technique that can be used in software engineering research and/or practice (for example, Natural Language Processing, grounded theory, or causal inference).

Our conference will now take place during Dec 3-9, instead of Nov 11-17 as originally planned. Earlier this year, we were informed by our conference hotel – Marriott Marquis – that they have been asked to free up capacity to host a large government summit. Moreover, there will likely be enhanced security protocols in place at the hotel that will hinder movement. The only alternative hotels available during our original dates and at a reasonable price point were all outside San Francisco. In the end, we decided to move the conference dates by a few weeks but keep the original venue. We hope that everyone planning to come to San Francisco for ESEC/FSE can still make the early December dates.

The call for workshops proposals for ESEC/FSE 2023 is available here.

Workshops aim to provide opportunities for exchanging views, advancing ideas, and discussing preliminary results in various areas of software engineering research and applications. If you would like to bring together a group of researchers on a topic you consider relevant and exciting, you should consider submitting a workshop proposal to ESEC/FSE.

The call for papers for ESEC/FSE 2023 Industry Track is available here.

Demonstrations Track invites researchers and practitioners to present and discuss the most recent advances, experiences, and challenges in the field of software engineering supported by live presentations of new research tools, data, and other artifacts. Demonstration papers should present new content, such as details on a tool implementation, that have not been previously published, including in other tracks of the same conference.

The call for research abstracts for ESEC/FSE 2023 Student Research Competition is available here.

The SRC is a unique forum reserved for undergraduate and graduate students who want to experience the world of software engineering research, present their results to the community. To participate, submit an extended research abstract of no more than 800 words (within a 2-page limit) related to the main themes of ESEC/FSE 2023.

The call for papers for ESEC/FSE 2023 Ideas, Visions, and Reflections (IVR) Track is available here.

The IVR track invites three types of papers: 1) Innovative, groundbreaking new ideas supported by promising initial results, 2) Visions of the future, and 3) Reflections on the past. Submissions must clearly motivate and illustrate initial evidence (type 1) or a rationale (types 2 and 3) for changing current practice and/or research in software engineering.

The call for papers for ESEC/FSE 2023 Industry Track is available here.

The industry track provides a venue for outstanding applied research in software engineering. Submissions are expected to have a strong focus on real-world application of software engineering techniques, tools, methods, processes, or practices. The industry track is soliciting submissions that cover all aspects of software engineering, so long as they have been applied in an industrial context or their relevance to such context is clearly identified and articulated in the paper.

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Ideas, Visions, and Reflections Track: Call for PapersFri 13 Jan 2023
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