Call for Participation

Unfortunately, the ROSE festival has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances; we look forward to your participation in future ROSE festivals.

Authors of papers with results that have been replicated or reproduced (*) by subsequent work (i.e. by other researchers) are invited to submit 1 one page ascii document to, title “ROSE’23 submission” that offers:

  • a 4 line (or less) description of the original results
  • a 4 line (or less) description of what was found by the other researchers
  • references to both the original paper and the subsequent work.

Accepted submissions will be offered a lightning talk slot at the FSE’23 ROSE Festival.


  • Submission: September 1, 2023
  • Notification: September 7: 2023
  • ROSE festival: dates TBD, some lunchtime in main FSE conference

FOR MORE INFO, please contact the organizers:

  • Maria-Teresa Baldassarre,
  • Neil Ernst,
  • Ben Hermann,
  • Tim Menzies. <== secretary


  • We offer the following definitions.
  • For information on prior ROSE festivals, please see